Q: Do you give estimates over the phone or Internet?

A: Pacific Drywall Company does not give estimates until the project has been seen or appropriate blueprints (floor-plans) have been provided. While drywall seems a straightforward product, each job has its own personality. A fair and accurate estimate is a result observation and or measured floor plans. We offer free estimates and arrange appointment times to fit your schedule.


Q: Do you supply materials for your jobs?

A: Pacific Drywall Company prefers to supply all material related to our portion of your project. This allows us to ensure the best quality possible.


Q: Are you insured?

A Pacific Drywall Company is fully insured. A copy of our insurance certificate is available to customers upon request.


Q: What are your certifications?

A: Pacific Drywall Company’s certifications include MBE, DBE, Section 3 Business Concern and DCAM


Q: Do you do repairs?

A: Pacific Drywall Company does repairs of any size.


Q: Will you do finish work on a project that has already been hung?

A: Pacific Drywall Company prefers to do a drywall project in its entirety. This allows for consistent quality and accurate pricing our customers expect. However, we will always look at a project and provide an estimate free of charge regardless. Many customers are surprised at our total bid versus time they might spend collecting materials, buying tools, and performing the actual labor involved in drywall installation. When we do not hang a project, it generally takes longer to finish than would normally be required. As you might imagine, pricing can vary dramatically depending on the condition of the job. We have seen instances when it would’ve been less expensive for us to do the complete job, than save the existing job.


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